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Support for parent groups

Want to support the parents at your school, organization or business? 
Offer them an inspiring, interactive introduction to Howtotalk

For schools, groups and organizations

Howtotalk can provide interactive lectures, either in person or as a webinar, for schools (primary and secondary education), daycare centers, nurseries, public health organizations and more. These sessions are becoming increasingly popular for other business sectors, too. We provide employee wellbeing support at Google, the UN General Assembly, Wortell and ASML, for example. They are aimed at parents and educators, and available in English or Dutch.

Effective communication

During this webinar, we offer parents new insights into the way they communicate with their children and how this affects their emotions and behaviour. We then explain how using gentle, respectful techniques helps children feel seen and heard. This results in better cooperation, increased 
self-confidence and a relaxed atmosphere at home. This is an inspiring, interactive session with plenty of real-life examples and eye-openers that make a genuine difference. What’s more, parents can get started right away at home!

Siblings without rivalry

Constant bickering and fights between siblings can push parents’ coping skills 
to the limit. In this webinar, they will learn proven ways to guide children to 
communicate constructively and resolve conflicts with one another. These new skills are practiced using real-life scenarios suggested by the participating parents. Again, it’s fully interactive via the chat feature and breakout rooms. This is an energetic and practical webinar that ensures better relationships between siblings, and peace and harmony at home.

Interested? Contact us

With a Howtotalk interactive lecture or webinar, you’ll be offering the parents in your organization an inspiring session full of practical tools, tips – and humor! Our trainers illustrate the theory with real-life examples we can all recognize – so there’s always a lot of laughter! Want to focus on a particular parenting topic or theme? Just let us know and we can work together to make it happen. To find out more about setting up an exclusive webinar for parents in your organization, contact us at

Howtotalk: the ultimate positive parenting app

Done with counting to three, losing your temper and dishing out punishments? Howtotalk offers a different approach. Learn how to build a strong bond with your child while dealing with tantrums, fussy eating, screentime issues and all those other daily challenges – gently and respectfully