Discovering the magic in a handful of blocks

Blocks have stood the test of time in the realm of toys, undeniably contributing to a baby’s growth in areas like coordination, balance, and foundational physics concepts.

However, for those tender early years, a little can truly go a long way. Developmental specialists suggest offering a child just 3 to 4 blocks during play sessions. This ensures that their attention remains captivated, and they aren’t swamped with choices. Those larger block collections? Perfect for their growing minds and imaginations as they mature.


Delving into the world of block play:


Creating sounds with blocks

Between the ages of 8 and 12 months, a child may begin to explore sounds by clapping two blocks together. To guide them, one could place hands over the child’s as they grasp the blocks and tap them rhythmically. The magic happens when the child, left to their devices, recreates the same rhythm.


Engaging in the “Tumble!” game

Though constructing tall towers may be a future endeavor, the sheer joy of toppling over a small tower set up for them is undeniable.


Incorporating blocks in container play

Starting at 10 to 11 months, a captivating activity for babies is placing blocks inside containers. The initial phase, however, might just involve them emptying out the contents. This is where demonstrating the action of placing blocks into a container can be helpful.


The first steps in block stacking

Come the 11 to 12-month mark, a baby might attempt to place one block atop another, irrespective of alignment. Offering a gentle demonstration of this action might inspire the baby to give it a shot independently.

Let their creations stand, however imperfect. This trial and error helps them discern which arrangements are stable and which might tumble.


Mastering the art of block towers

Venturing into the 12 to 16-month age bracket, toddlers begin their architectural journey, starting with modest 2-block towers. Progressing to 16-18 months, 3-block skyscrapers emerge, and by 18 to 22 months, a 4-block monument could be their latest achievement.