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Creative alternatives to traditional floor-based tummy time

Tummy time plays a crucial role in developing the strength and coordination necessary for future milestones like crawling, reaching, and playing. Around the 10-week mark, the aim should be 3 to 5 minutes of tummy time in 2 to 3 sessions each day. Remember, if signs of tiredness or distress, such as crying, appear, it’s time to give your baby a break.

If floor-based tummy time isn’t becoming a favorite, consider these fun and creative alternatives:


Utilizing an exercise ball

Gently rock your baby to and fro on an exercise ball. This new type of movement might require a few attempts for your baby to get comfortable, but it can add an element of fun to tummy time.


Tummy time on your lap

Position your baby belly-down on your thighs, gently soothing them with a back rub. By slightly elevating one leg more than the other, you can offer them a different perspective. Displaying a high-contrast card and moving it upward gradually can inspire them to lift their head.


Tummy time on a higher surface

Allow your baby to experience tummy time on a countertop or table under your careful supervision, ensuring your hand is on their back or very near. Being at your eye level and offering a different view of the room might make the experience more engaging for them.


Tummy time on your chest

Have your baby lie on your chest, facing you. Engage in gentle conversation to encourage them to lift their head. By two and a half months, your baby will likely have the strength to raise their head slightly, allowing them to see a bit ahead (though not yet directly in front).