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Creating a little nook for your baby

Babies have a natural affinity for exploring and discovering things around the home. One of their favorite activities? Delving into kitchen cabinets or pulling out the contents of drawers to inspect them more closely. 

Why not designate a special drawer or cupboard just for them in rooms you frequently inhabit, such as the kitchen or bathroom? It’s a delightful way for them to engage with their surroundings, even if home spaces can sometimes feel limited. 

For their bathroom exploration: Stock it with hairbrushes, curlers, combs, unused toothbrushes, and perhaps some old wooden or plastic bracelets collecting dust in your collection. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, you could consider muffin trays, whisks, pastry brushes, lightweight containers, plastic dinnerware, pots and their matching lids, measuring tools, soft dish towels, and even heat-resistant mitts. 

A toddler, with eyes full of wonder, peeking into an inviting bathroom cabinet. A gentle reminder: Safety should never be compromised. Ensure that small items are kept out of reach, and always double-check that furniture is securely fastened. Also, keeping an eye on your little ones when they’re around items with elongated handles is a wise idea to ensure safety while they play and explore.