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Unveiling the Magic of Reading: A Peek into Your Toddler’s Journey

As your little one explores the world of books, you might notice that their reading style is far from conventional. It’s a beautiful process of discovery where they squirm, grab pages, and interact with the pictures as if they were alive.


They may turn several pages at once, hold the book upside down, or fixate on finding a specific object, like the moon, in various books. Rest assured, these behaviors are all part of their natural exploration. 

To make reading a joyful experience for your 15-month-old, here are some expert tips to consider: 

  • Embrace Daily Reading: Set aside 5-10 minutes each day to engage in reading sessions with your toddler. Shorter, frequent sessions can be more effective than longer, less frequent ones. 
  • Unleash Your Inner Performer: Bring the stories to life with dramatic voices, animated gestures, and expressive facial expressions. Let your playful side shine, and don’t hesitate to get a little silly—it’s a sure way to captivate your toddler’s attention. 🙃 
  • Opt for Real-Life Visuals: Choose books with vibrant, real-life photographs that feature familiar objects or subjects your toddler can relate to. These visuals will enhance their engagement and make the reading experience more meaningful. 
  • Foster Interaction: Encourage conversation by expanding on the words your toddler uses. For instance, if they say “baw” for a ball, respond with enthusiasm and describe the ball in the picture: “Yes, that’s a ball! Look at the big, yellow ball in the picture.” 
  • Connect to Their World: Bridge the gap between the book and your toddler’s real-life experiences. Use sound effects or share personal stories related to the book’s content. This connection will deepen their understanding and create a stronger bond with the story. 
  • Books On the Go: Keep a few books within easy reach wherever you are. Whether in your diaper bag, by the changing table, or in your car pockets, having books readily available ensures you can seize any opportunity for reading, no matter where you are. 
  • Embrace the Adventure: While modeling proper book care is essential, remember that toddlers are still learning how to handle books delicately. If they purposefully tear pages, redirect their exploration by offering appropriate materials for tearing, such as cardboard or paper. 

Enjoy Every Reading Moment 

Celebrate the wonder of your toddler’s reading journey and nurture their love for stories. Embrace their unique approach and cherish the precious moments spent together with books. Remember, Everge offers a wealth of invaluable resources to support your parenting experience. Try Everge for free for 30 days and unlock a world of guidance and tools. Relish the joy of reading as you embark on countless literary adventures with your little one.