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Unlocking Your Toddler’s Sense of Humor: A Journey to Joyful Laughter

Laughter is indeed the best medicine, and your toddler’s infectious giggles can brighten up your day like nothing else. As parents, witnessing your child’s sense of humor blossom is a heartwarming experience. According to Dr. Mary Gavin from KidsHealth, children with well-developed humor tend to be happier, more optimistic, and better equipped to handle differences. 


Around 12 to 18 months, your toddler begins to comprehend their environment better and notices when things deviate from the norm, finding the unexpected amusing rather than frightening. This newfound sense of humor marks a significant step in their cognitive, social, and emotional development. Humor engages both hemispheres of their brain—the left for conceiving a joke and the right for appreciating and laughing at it. 


To nurture your toddler’s sense of humor, consider these playful ideas: 

  • Embrace Silly Moments: Infuse everyday routines with silliness by making funny faces, using exaggerated expressions, or incorporating amusing sounds. For instance, try putting a hat on their foot or pants on their arm while getting dressed. You can even host a spontaneous goofy dance party or see who can make the silliest face. 
  • Share the Laughs: At this age, jokes never seem to grow old. Repeatedly indulge in funny happenings with your toddler and laugh together. Your joyous response will reinforce their sense of humor and create a stronger bond between you. 
  • Laugh Along with Them: Acknowledge and react to the things that tickle their funny bone. Join in their laughter when they find amusement in simple delights like a loud noise or a dropped strawberry. 
  • Playful Sound Games: Explore the world of silly sounds and funny noises during playtime. Make “whoop” or “whoosh” sounds as your toddler pushes a ball down a track, and encourage them to imitate you. Keep the laughter flowing as you both take turns creating amusing sounds. 
  • Be Playful, Be Connected: Being playful and sharing laughter with your child creates essential neural connections in their growing brain. Don’t worry if you’re not naturally comedic—simply be lighthearted and let the laughter unfold. In fact, neuroscientists suggest that hearing someone else laugh activates mirror neurons in the brain, making listeners feel as though they’re laughing too. So, laughter is truly contagious! 


As your toddler explores the realm of humor, relish these precious moments of laughter and play. Encouraging their sense of humor not only brightens their world but also fosters their cognitive and emotional growth. Embrace silliness, repeat funny moments, and giggle together—the power of laughter will nurture a strong connection between you and your little one. So, dive into this journey of joyful laughter with your toddler, cherishing every delightful giggle along the way.