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The magic of a moment: Why reading to your baby matters

There’s an age-old saying that champions the importance of reading. But diving into this, why exactly is it crucial to read to infants? And for how long? What if the little one appears disinterested? Which books cater to their age?

Here’s a peek into the enchanting world of infant reading: The present is the best time to start

Studies show that babies consistently introduced to language and literature from a tender age tend to develop enhanced language skills and a higher IQ. Books offer a treasure trove of unique vocabulary, not typically used in daily chatter, as well as charming rhythms and rhymes. Moreover, reading sessions pave the way for warm, cuddly moments. As the baby relishes the closeness and the melodious cadence of a familiar voice, an affection for books naturally blossoms.

Navigating reading sessions with infants

  • A woman nestles a baby close, enraptured by a book about shapes and colors.
  • These reading moments can be fleeting, sometimes not even spanning a minute.
  • It’s common for babies to show curiosity in board books around the 6 to 9-month mark.
  • If the baby doesn’t seem keen initially, perseverance is key.
  • Consistent reading might just pique their interest over time.
  • An intimate reading setting, with the baby cozied up against your leg while seeing your face, can be a delightful experience for them.
  • Don’t feel confined to the order of the pages.
  • Let the baby’s interest guide the journey through the book. And if the baby decides to explore the book by nibbling on it? That’s just another way they’re acquainting themselves with the world of literature!