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Gathering and moving around – a toddler’s adventure

Just a few moons ago, your toddler may have been moving items from one spot to another single-handedly. But in the window of 17 to 24 months, they start to adopt a more systematic approach, choosing a bucket or a vessel to enhance their efficiency. 

These bustling little movements may not make much sense to an observer, but rest assured, there is a toddler with a grand scheme at work. They begin to employ tools to overcome challenges, plan ahead, and create new strategies to achieve their objectives. 

Walking while maneuvering an item demands greater coordination and motor skills than strolling without anything in their hands. Grasping a bucket or basket while sauntering around, toddlers discover that they can transport several items from one location to another. 

Ideal vessels for transport feature two sturdy handles and a wide aperture, much like a basket. Mini strollers and pint-sized shopping carts also attract toddlers for this purpose. 

They also learn to place a group of objects into a container without removing any until they have finished. This action of placing objects into containers and then emptying them enhances concentration and prolongs their attention span. They get to practice their grasp and release skills while fostering independence. 


Supporting your child’s transport adventures:

Mastering the reverse

To practice walking backwards, engage them in moving a large bucket to a different part of the room. Let them walk backwards, clutching one edge of the bucket while you gently guide the other side. 


Demonstrate transporting

Show your toddler how to employ the bucket for transportation or carrying items during playtime. 


Fill a vessel with small objects

Provide your toddler with a group of items (perhaps some baubles from a threading set) and a container. Encourage them to place all the baubles into the container. This could also add a fun element to tidying up! 


Discover and gather treasures

Equip your child with a container and take them for a walk, either outdoors or around your house. Let them collect “treasures” discovered along the way, and invite them to store everything they find in the container. It may surprise you how much they enjoy this walk, collecting treasure after treasure. 


Prepping for an adventure

Allow your toddler to assist in packing a bag when embarking on an outing. They can add diapers, wipes, a water bottle, snacks, books, or small toys. 


Develop motor abilities

As your toddler walks, squats, and collects objects, they will be enhancing their gross and fine motor skills – along with their curiosity.