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Expert Insights: Empowering Toddler Parents – Tips and Advice

There is a lot one can learn from professionals. In this article, we have compiled 10 useful tips from Montessori professionals to make aid your toddler in their growth and developmental journey. 

  1. Give them words for their feelings: Articulate your toddler’s emotions with words, reflecting their experiences and helping them understand their own feelings. Expand their emotional vocabulary beyond basic happy/sad/angry to include words like frustrated, excited, disappointed, worried, and silly.
  2. Slow down: Find moments to slow down and match your child’s rhythm. Walk at their speed, explore the world of ants together, take time to appreciate each page of a book before turning it, and allow them to climb stairs at their own leisurely pace.
  3. Change “sharing” to “turn-taking”: Recognize that one-year-olds are not developmentally ready to fully grasp the concept of sharing. Instead, focus on teaching them the idea of taking turns and enjoying a toy before giving it back.
  4. Offer limited choices: Frequently present your toddler with two options to choose from, even for seemingly small decisions. Empower them by allowing them to make choices, which can boost their confidence and independence.
  5. Be truly present: Set aside dedicated time when you can be completely present, with no distractions or unreachable phones. Engage in face-to-face interactions and be fully engaged in body, mind, and spirit.
  6. Follow their lead: Observe what objects or experiences capture your toddler’s attention and engage with them accordingly. By following their lead, you can support their curiosity and encourage exploration.
  7. Give them simple tasks to try: Start giving your toddler simple tasks to accomplish. Encourage their independence and language processing skills by involving them in activities like putting clothes in the hamper or finding their own shoes.
  8. Embrace the mess: Allow your toddler to explore and get messy, both indoors and outdoors. Emphasize sensory experiences and provide opportunities for them to engage with their environment through play.
  9. Make an effort to use big words: Expand your vocabulary when communicating with your toddler. Contextually, they can understand more sophisticated words just as well as simpler ones.
  10. Give them space to learn: Provide your toddler with the freedom to figure things out on their own while offering guidance and celebrating their achievements. Allow them to develop essential skills by encouraging their autonomy and problem-solving abilities.

By incorporating these expert insights into your parenting approach, you can empower and support your toddler’s growth and development. Embrace the journey, celebrate milestones, and cherish every proud moment along the way.