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Exciting and safe toddler games: 5 creative ways to engage with mini items

Children in their toddler years possess an innate fascination for petite items, and it’s a crucial responsibility for caregivers to provide a safe yet stimulating environment that bolsters their dexterity. The Montessori method highlights the period of 1 to 3 years as a sensitive time for interaction with small objects, making it a prime phase to initiate manipulative games. These homemade games will not only captivate your toddler but also aid them in developing the necessary muscular strength for tasks like handwriting in the future. 


Colorful Craft Stick Game: Amplify your toddler’s fine motor skills with an enjoyable craft stick game. Colorful craft sticks, readily available at art supply stores or online platforms, work perfectly for this activity. Use a container with a soft, sliceable plastic lid and watch as your toddler gleefully pushes the craft sticks through the holes. This compelling game enhances their focus while improving their hand-eye synchronization. 

Velcro Ice Pop Sticks: Velcro stickers and large, colorful ice pop sticks are sure to be a toddler favorite. The joy of joining the Velcro and maneuvering the sticks through a slot in a container will keep them engaged. For this activity, use a container with a soft, malleable plastic lid. Cutting a slot in the plastic lid adds an extra layer of challenge. These Velcro sticks can later be repurposed for creative play, like constructing roads for toy vehicles. 

Delightful Felt Pouches: Craft vivid felt pouches to present your toddler with an excellent dexterity-building activity. They can explore containment by inserting colorful ice pop sticks into the pouches and removing them. Gradually, they’ll develop the skill to match the color of the stick with the color of the pouch. To create the pouches, use fabric adhesive to join cut-out felt squares. Ice pop sticks in various hues can be procured from craft stores or online. 

Q-tip Egg Carton Game: Offer a similar dexterity challenge to the craft stick activity by repurposing a paper egg carton into a toddler-friendly insertion game. Make small holes at the base of the egg carton and supply Q-tips for your little one to push through. Ensure that the child is always under supervision during this activity for their safety. 

Water Bottle Adventures: Convert a transparent plastic water bottle into an enticing game for your toddler. Provide various small items like pipe cleaners, pompoms, Q-tips, and puffs that they can insert into the bottle. Once it’s full, collaborate with your child to secure the lid and give it a shake. When it’s time to recycle, consider creating a larger opening at the top for easy emptying. 

Miniature Curiosity Box: Consider purchasing a metallic craft tin or a metal bento lunch box for your toddler’s miniature treasures. These boxes serve the dual purpose of storage fun and fine motor skills practice by allowing the child to manipulate the hinged lids. These tins are perfect for transporting small items for the activities detailed above. 


Engaging toddlers in stimulating, safe activities with small objects is an ideal method to enhance their fine motor skill development. These homemade game ideas will entertain your child while helping them develop key skills for their future journeys. Ensure to oversee your child during playtime and verify that all games are appropriate and safe for their age. Relish these precious moments of exploration and learning with your ever-curious toddler!