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Feelgood parenting

The Howtotalk method teaches you new ways to communicate with your child. Learn to set boundaries without creating tension. Teach your child to solve problems and make their own choices. The result? A happy, confident child and a harmonious home.

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Do you ever feel…

  • Despondent because your child won’t listen?
  • Disappointed and dejected after an unexpected disagreement?
  • another day of rushing around and fixing arguments?
  • Concerned because your child lacks self-confidence?
  • In need of a new approach but not sure where to start?

Become the parent you want to be

  • Learn to overcome every parenting challenge
  • Gain respect and confidence in your own ability
  • Build an even stronger bond with your child
  • Help your child to become more independent and self-assured

How Howtotalk helps you

Parenting with confidence

The Howtotalk method teaches you gentle, positive ways to overcome every parenting challenge – without tears or tantrums

Strengthening that bond

You’ll build a lifelong connection with your child 
that’s based on trust and respect, rather than 
on threats and punishments

Creating harmony at home

Confident, independent children are more comfortable in their own skin. The result? A happy, peaceful family home

…and your child

Building trust

If your child feels seen and heard, it will create trust and a deeper connection – no matter what emotions they’re experiencing

Fostering self-belief

Learning to problem-solve builds independence and confidence – so children also learn to persevere and believe in themselves

Unlocking opportunities

Unlocking opportunities
Freeing children from unhelpful labels helps them see themselves in a new light and become the person they want to be

Howtotalk on Everge

Experience a transformative parenting journey with Howtotalk now available on the Everge platform:

✅ Bite-sized Modules: Concise 5-10 minute modules covering key parenting topics.
✅ Handy Tools: Intelligent, instant-use tools for real-life parenting situations.
✅ Broad Case Studies: Hundreds of relatable scenarios from toddlerhood to teen years.
✅ Expert Podcasts & Interviews: Insightful discussions with leading parenting experts. ✅ Weekly Expert Advice: Stay updated with fresh expert guidance delivered weekly.