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Parenting can be overwhelming, demanding, and exhausting.
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We’ve spent over 15 years researching and developing a practical parenting method that blends clinical psychology with first-hand experience.

The Howtotalk app teaches you everything we’ve discovered for productive parenting, packaged in an easy-to-use training program.

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“Why does my child never listen?”
“Am I being a bad parent?”

We’re with you. Raising
kids is hard work.

It’s easy to
feel frustrated when dealing with…

...fights between siblings.
...mood swings.

The Howtotalk app equips you with the reflective and practical parenting tools and skills you need to help you understand and strengthen your bond with your child.

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Quarreling between siblings

It’s not easy to keep the peace. Howtotalk’s founder, Heleen, knows that better than anyone. “If you’ve said it, I’ve tried it. I was always finding myself yelling things like, ‘Stop it! Just stop it already!‘ or, ‘Who started it?‘ I later discovered that saying that only made things worse.” “If my child did not […]

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We’ve had a lot fewer outbursts from our toddlers ever since we started.


This app has been a lifesaver. I recognize myself in so many of the examples and situations!


I’ve really noticed the difference it’s made in our home. Our communication has never been better!


A must-have for parents looking to communicate more effectively with their children.


It’s really helped me navigate some tough situations.