Training for professionals

Howtotalk provides customized training and study days for professionals who work with children. They are interactive meetings with empathy exercises, reflection exercises, observation exercises and practical assignments. This way you become aware of your way of communicating and its effects.


  • You learn to acknowledge feelings without judging them
  • to correct in a helpful way instead of giving criticism
  • Get angry without hurting others,
  • praise without judging.
  • In short, to see a child as he or she is capable of being.

As a professional, you increase your professional competence and are able to communicate more effectively with children.

Following the workshop also increases team spirit and cooperation within your team. Improved communication also leads to more understanding between colleagues and improved communication towards parents.

We offer different workshops for professionals. We have thematic meetings, study day modules and complete trainings. In consultation with you, we can tailor the content of our offer to the practice within your work environment.

Are you interested in a training or workshop of Howtotalk at your school, nursery, health care institution or company?

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