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Would you like to introduce the parents of your school, organization or company to Howtotalk in an interactive way? You can!

Howtotalk provides online theme meetings in the form of a webinar for schools (primary and secondary education), childcare centers, childminders and GGD youth and family teams, among others. And, in the context of employee wellbeing, we increasingly organize webinars for companies! We have provided webinars for Google, Wortell, UNGA and ASML, among others. These online meetings are aimed at parents and educators of the children of the organization or company. Our webinars can also be provided in English.

Communicating Effectively

In an exclusive webinar for your organization, you will learn skills related to dealing with children’s feelings. Practical situations of participants are central and interaction is possible via break-out rooms and via chat. You will learn how to better deal with your children’s feelings, giving your child more self-confidence and a more positive self-image. An inspiring webinar with eye-openers that you can use at home!

Siblings without rivalry

He hit me! She hit me first’…and before you know it, as a parent you are once again the unpopular referee, putting an end to yet another conflict. The constant bickering and squabbling between siblings often takes a lot out of the resilience of parents. In this exclusive webinar for your organization or company, you will learn concrete and immediately applicable skills to guide children in their mutual communication and conflicts. Based on practical situations of the participants, the skills are practiced. Again, interaction via chat and breakout rooms. An energetic and practical webinar that gives you tools for more peace at home, more harmony and whereby the mutual contact between your children improves.

Rules and agreements

Children need boundaries. This provides safety and a framework within which they can learn. How do you act when your child crosses your boundary? How do you avoid constantly having to act as a policeman? How do you make children part of the solution instead of the problem? During this thematic meeting we will dwell on these issues and you will learn to guard your rules and boundaries, while maintaining the relationship with the child.

In consultation it is also possible to focus on another theme. We like to think along with you.

Our webinars are conducted in Dutch and English.

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