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What sets us apart

We know there are lots of parenting techniques, books, and theories out there
– therefore, we are honored that you’re interested in learning more about Howtotalk!

As a parent, you likely have little extra time or headspace. Many theories have extra workbooks, dense chapters, and complicated methodologies that simply don’t stick after a day of working, parenting, playing, cooking, and the list goes on…

Our team of experts has done the work for you. We’ve researched the market, practiced different methods, and experienced first-hand the value of effective communication.
And now, we’re taking parenting digital – from the page to an app!

Freeing from Roles
Helpful Praise
Encouraging Autonomy
Setting Boundaries
and Problem Solving
Cooperative Behavior
Dealing with Feelings


Inspired by Dr. Haim Ginott’s positive parenting movement in the 1960’s, the Howtotalk method combines Ginott’s theory of effective relationships with cutting-edge brain research, emotional intelligence, and relationship strategies.

With over 15 years of experience, our approach simplifies these methods into one practical framework consisting of 6 Building Blocks.

The app.

We trust this method. And we want you to have easy access to its content.

Regardless of your location or time commitments, we believe this method can transform the relationships you have with the children in your life.

The app is simple. Each module is short and practical. We’ll help you out and guide you along the way.

The 6 Building Blocks are designed like a house – you will start with the foundation and build up from there.

Each building block is a sequential step in the framework, offering exercises, stories, podcasts, and videos to help you implement the method at home.

This app
is for you

You want a harmonious home and desire peace with your child

You only have 5 minutes of free-time a day. All skills are broken down into bite-sized 5–10 minute lessons.

Your mind is a bit all over the place. (No judgement – everyone’s is!) We’ll check-in on your progress and send you reminders to practice at home.

You have a smartphone. Everything nowadays is done from our phones: workouts, finances, mediation, even learning languages… So why not behavioral changes too?

You want to build a deep connection with your child. It all starts here – with you and your commitment to learning and communicating effectively with your children.

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A note from the founder.

It all started when my (now oldest) child was throwing LEGO’s out the window… He was two and I was annoyed, frustrated, and doubting my ability as a parent. I knew deep down that there had to be a better way to communicate and bond with him – but I was lost and confused with how to do that.

With good timing, I came across an educational method embracing the parent-child relationship established by clinical psychologist Dr. Haim Ginott, founder of positive parenting. It became my lifeline, transformed my parenting journey, and made me curious to learn more.

After 15 years of developmental and emotional intelligence research, a growing team of experts, and with 3 more children, the Howtotalk method is ready to move to a digital platform. I am delighted to share with you everything our team has learned via the Howtotalk app.

Lastly, thank you for your interest in Howtotalk. We created practical communication training to help all types of parents and family dynamics. We understand that we live in a modern world where families are made in various beautiful forms – we celebrate and respect all of you. We hope you benefit from this method as much as we have!

In happy and healthy communication, Heleen de Hertog