your parenting guide
to a happier home

We are experts in training practical communication skills that strengthen the bond between parents and their children. Our parenting skills are specially formulated to be informative, relatable and transformative.

You’re parents.
We’re parents.
We get it!

No parent wakes up and decides:
‘Today I’m going to yell at my child.’

And yet…
How can you stay calm during a public tantrum?
When they refuse to get off their phone?
When everything seems to go in one ear and out the other?

Parenting can be overwhelming, demanding, and exhausting.
But don’t worry – we’re here to help!

We’ve spent over 15 years researching and
developing a practical parenting method that
blends clinical psychology with first-hand experience.

The Howtotalk app teaches you everything we’ve discovered
for productive parenting,
packaged in an easy-to-use training program.

We’re here to guide you on your journey
to building a happier home.

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“Why does my child never listen?”
“Am I being a bad parent?”

We’re with you. Raising
kids is hard work.

It’s easy to feel frustrated
when dealing with…

...fights between siblings.
...mood swings.

The Howtotalk app equips you with the reflective and practical parenting tools and skills you need to help you understand and strengthen your bond with your child and build a happier home.

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Quarreling between brothers and sisters

Heleen de Hertog: “I myself had a whole arsenal of reactions: “Stop it! Just stop it!” Or, “Who started it?” A question that only made the fights worse, I discovered later. Or, if a child did not want to share, I would say, “You should be ashamed, you have so many toys! I was also […]

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The tools in the app are very nice. Clearly explained and we have less outbursts from the toddlers.


Very relatable and informative. Finally an app that is really valuable. Every situation is recognizable, sometimes confronting but that’s how you learn! It is worth the investment, it is really more enjoyable in the house.


This app is highly recommended for anyone who wants to communicate better and more effectively with their children.


I am a father of 3 children who grew up with Howtotalk. I really notice the difference in the house. It’s more often sociable and they can set their boundaries well. The app helps as a reminder to put it in daily.


More awareness & much less tantrums with our toddler